Technical & Advisory Services

Bickerstaff Associates, Inc. provides geologic and engineering analysis of oil and gas assets for economic valuation, acquisition/ divestiture and prospect development.

With an in-depth understanding of the plays, the operators and the competitive environment our team utilizes standardized industry software and data to objectively appraise and value energy portfolios.  We provide analysis, mapping and presentation of existing and projected production to establish current/future value and support development efforts.

If you are considering selling or leasing minerals you currently own, we can assist with identifying prospective buyers and negotiating an optimum price for your interests.  

If you are looking to acquire interest in, or further develop a prospect, our network of Engineers, Landmen, Geophysicists, and Log Analysts can provide expertise to help increase your return on investment.

Bickerstaff Associates, Inc. takes an unbiased business approach to helping owners of oil and gas properties, royalty, working interest and leases gain a better understanding of their energy portfolio and assist in developing a strategic plan to maximize its value.


- Mineral, Royalty & Working Interest Valuation 

- Property & Prospect Evaluation

- Competitive Activity Analysis

- Regional Geology

- Volumetric Mapping

- Production Bubble Maps

- Sales Presentations

- Exploration & Development

- Lease Offer Screening

- Well Log Correlation 

- Subsurface Structural & Isopach Mapping

- Acquisition/Divestiture Negotiation 

- Mineral Interests Buy/Sell Support